How to keep a record mileage of parts (tires)

Some parts, such as tires, require periodic installation and removal from the vehicle. Thus, their mileage is intermittent and is different than the odometer reading. How to calculate it? You can choose by looking at the history of tire. Boring! Or you can just go into the details of parts (tires) and look already counted mileage. But you need to to set up something …

Tires have to be added in the app as a spare. How do I add – a separate record. This spare part must have the following settings:


  • Basic mileage – mileage parts before the first use (actually for used parts).
  • Operating resource (mileage) – mileage at which it is recommended to change to a new part.
  • Deterioration – total mileage traveled with the installed part and the percentage relative to the resource, which is 100% – full wear.

But how to know the app, when the part has been installed or removed. It’s simple. If the parts included checkbox calculate depreciation, the standard dialog attachment parts to expenses there is an additional switches:


You can choose to change the state of parts:

  • installed
  • removed
  • without changes

If a part was in expenses and already has its own history, the details you can see her deterioration in the properties window.


The list of such part is also allocated displayed deterioration:


Important note: for parts installed after purchase will require a separate record indicating that the spare part was installed. This is inconvenient, but it gives a guaranteed result.

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