Tired of collecting checks from of filling stations and service costs assumed by hand?

Collection of papers, bills requires a lot of attention and sometimes makes us think, and I need it? But an experienced car owner knows that the cost control of the car in time to help identify the problems begin. Or maybe the thought to change the tired iron, which requires regular injections, finally took shape in the desire to buy a more economical means of transportation. How do you dispose with the information - you decide, and we will help build it.


  • The calculation of expenses (7 categories and more than 60 patterns)
  • Scheduling service actions
  • Calculation of fuel consumption (also for bi-fuel)
  • All statistics are not only in numbers but also in handy charts
  • Calculator overrun / necessary fuel / route cost
  • Export / import data
  • Wide settings of units and interface elements
  • Widgets to quickly add records
  • No ads

What is better than in other apps

  • The calculation of fuel consumption is universal (to the full, to indicator light, by entering the precise residue …)
  • Calculation of fuel consumption for cars with two tanks (petrol + gas)
  • Accounting of speedometer / odometer errors due to changes of the tire size
  • Prediction of remaining fuel for now
  • Generating a report about service actions (important for resale)

[PRO] differences

  • Synchronization between devices (currently Dropbox and Google Drive planned lateron)
  • Accounting for multiple vehicles in one program
  • Prefilled fields when you add records to the widget
  • Tire calculator (for mileage coefficient)
  • Save the service report to a file

Thanks to all careful users we have answers to many questions in Help.

Still have questions? Just write us.

p.s: We are constantly working on the internationalization of tis website. Please bear with us, english screenshots are underway.


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