How to Introduce a Large Number of Records (through imports)

When migrating a program with its data (into an editor or into a program which is not directly supported) it would be desirable that data in the program can be used. This is true – to manually transfer more than a dozen of record can be cumbersome. The below described method is an alternative – the application has got a function to export and import a data file. Therefore it is possible to manually add data into the export file, and then import it back.

It is recommended to start from scratch and to create at least one record – for refueling.

How to export the data into a file, read the following instructions.

Open the file in any text editing program. My recommendation is Notepad++. The file structure is described here.

By copying the data rows and manual editing – data can be easily propagated and introduced. When using a table editor keep in mind that the entire text from the editor can be copied to Excel and back by using a lossless format directly via the clipboard (copy / paste).

After having made changes to a file, you must save it and put it back in the export folder.

Please refer to the import instruction for further information.



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