How is The Fuel Consumption Calculated

The flow rate can be measured by an infinite number of ways. But only one is correct – when you know the exact data for the beginning and end of the measure period. The following explains it to you:

  1. The volume in the tank at start and end
  2. The starting and ending odometer readings
  3. And of course, the total amount of fueled volume between these two points

Obviously, the recording can be the beginning or the end of the billing period, it must have a odometer reading and a specified level of fuel in the tank. Let us discuss this in more detail.

The start point and end point of the markers.

In the program there are several ways to enter the markers:

  1. Flag refuel as “full tank”. As the volume of the tank of your car is specified in the program settings, it is sufficient that you check mark and enter the mileage for the further calculation.
  2. Flag refuel as “Checkpoint” and specify mileage.
  3. Choose“precise residue at the tank is known” and enter the value of remaining fuel.

Of course, the program is not so categorical and understands without recording marks of a “full tank” or “checkpoint”. There is also a mixed record. The full list of possible records is described in a separate post.

Fuel consumption can be calculated if there are two record markers. It becomes clear as follows:

1.For at least some calculation needs at least two record marker – refuel full tankcheckpoint or precise residue at the tank is known.
2. The more record markers, the more calculation periods and the data points you enter, the better results and statistics you will get.

In addition there are a couple of tips, how to improve the accuracy of calculations.

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