Autosave Data

The program supports the import and export to an external file. Export to a file will help with the transfer of backup data. A situation can occur when the application data is accidentally deleted and later on exported. For this case, the program has an automatic auto-save data on every exit. The file is writable and does not take up much space.

Also, if you decide to write to the developer of the application, this file will be automatically attached to the email. If emailed to the developer with the problem description – in most cases the data file will allow  immediate problem solution.

Where to look for the autosave file? At the same place after the usual export. This has already been written.

The structure of the file can be found here – a way to correct the file by yourself – here.

The program also has support for ‘auto restore’ when you reset the phone to default settings, using standard Google functionality. No one knows how exactly it works, but the following principle is suggested:

  • Periodically, the application will save its state at Google.
  • Resetting the phone / changing the phone during the initial account set-up to “clean”, the smartphone user selects whether to restore the state of his account and may even choose which applications shall be restored.
  • This recovery will download the device settings and restore the application data – and then it’s ready to go.

A common situation – the application does not store the latest version of its state, how to make a clean install?

  1. Install the app from Google Play
  2. Disable access to the Internet
  3. In the settings app clear the data for the application
  4. Run the application


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