How to note the change of fuel at calculation of consumption for the two-fuel cars

One of the most popular proposals for improvement – allow to specify the program now goes to the car what kind of fuel.This ability to explicitly define the type of fuel will accurately divide the mileage traveled in one and the other type of fuel, resulting in improved accuracy of calculation of the consumption. This theory.

In practice, modern two-fuel systems use auto-switching between the gas / petrol and the driver is not always aware of it (the engine warm-up, high speed, rapid acceleration). Trying to keep track of these points will be in vain undertaking.

However, the program has an indirect method of indicating the type of fuel used.


For gas fuel at the time of completion mark it as “checkpoint“. When later will fill up again, check the “checkpoint” and write down the amount of refueling. Consumption will be deemed intermittently as in life – minus these areas drive on petrol.

Of course, instead of the “checkpoints” can use “tank residue” if you are sure of its accuracy.

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