How to restore data after a failed sync with Dropbox

Sometimes data recovery fails. Why and how to fix it:


When you synchronize, as we know from relevant record, the program compared the data to change the file on the device and in the cloud, then proposes to use the latest version. Once the data synchronization application a newly installed fresher and must be manually overwritten by selecting “Import data from Dropbox (restart)”.

If this action not been executed – to the cloud will fly past “empty” and overwrite the existing data there. It would seem farewell work to create such a large number of records. But we can help a standard feature of Dropbox to manage versions of files in Dropbox.

How to fix

  1. You must log in to your Dropbox account via the browser (necessary functionality is only available in the web, desktop and mobile version of the software does not have this functionality).dropbox_restoring_en_4
  2. Select the folder “Applications”dropbox_restoring_en_0
  3. Select needed folder of app.dropbox_restoring_en_1
  4. Select the application folder – Car Expenses Data / Fuel Manager Data – and you’ll see a list of files synchronized
  5. Call the popup menu for each of them (right-click) – and select “Previous Versions”dropbox_restoring_en_2
  6. Displays a list changes to the filedropbox_restoring_en_3
  7. You must select one of the previous versions (you can focus on the larger file size than now) and restore it.
  8. It remains only to go into the app to see the required date of recent changes to the files stored in the cloud and import them.

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