Prediction of Remaining Fuel

The fuel gauge in the tank has become a necessity for a long time. And a trip can not be planned without the knowledge of how much fuel is left.

When to fuel up? Today or tomorrow? And how much money do you need to fill up the tank?

It is easy to assume that there is still enough fuel in the tank. And if not? If the instrument is broken?

Our applications can calculate not only the approximate remaining fuel, but the overrun, which might be possible.

The principle of the calculation of the fuel consumption implies that the user makes periodic recordings with remaining fuel up to a – full tank refuel or checkpoint. (After this last record, and is counting down.) All refueling are a plus, but the past few days, or the distance traveled is in the negative. Do not forget that the program already knows how much an average day you drive and how much fuel you need. A very simple calculation will already know the approximate residue in the tank.

Why rough? Because the average daily overrun and the average consumption is almost always different from the actual values on a particular day with specific driving conditions – track / warm / off road / long journeys.

Adding waypoints (records with the date and mileage) significantly increase the accuracy of the forecast. Adding a waypoint to the current mileage corrects a wrong prediction in 87.15% cases 🙂