Fuel Manager – Consumption

Fuel Manager – An Android app for car owners who want to know the consumption of their car, as accurate as possible.

The application has already passed a hefty two-year path of development, and sports the following features:

  • An adaptive algorithm for calculating, without compromising the accuracy (the majority of payments is based on the choice of one of two methods – 1st filling a full tank or 2nd filling on control points, for the Fuel Manager it does not matter what method is more convenient for you – the app chooses its own method even when you switch between them).
  • Prediction of remaining fuel in the tank – a very accurate calculation, backed by regular records on a daily basis allows you to know your balance and a possible range.
  • The application is written by a driver for drivers, so the convenience and reliability stand in the first place.
  • With a minimum of data entry and selecting only the period you will get a maximum of statistics, visual graphs and detailed reports.
  • Customization (choice of color schemes), custom variables and parameters for each vehicle.
  • Open export format allows you to store and update your own records.
  • Sync with the cloud (Dropbox), and between devices makes you not worrying about the safety of the data.
  • Customizable widgets to quickly add records.
  • Calculator range / necessary fuel / route cost.

The application contains no ads. Absolutely.

Over time, the idea about a program for the calculation of other car related costs led to the creation of a ‘twin application’ called Car Expenses. Both applications have the same concept and differ only in the amount of calculated data and the means of viewing the results.

Fuel Manager continues to develop. A list of all the changes is available on this page.

If you have any difficulties or problems, you will find the answer or explanations on the help page. If you are not successful – write us, our database of questions and answers will replenish the solution to your problem.