Filling a Tank ‘Full’

The most universal definition. Understandable by beginners and experienced car owners. And even more by the program.
Important: Do not forget to specify the tank volume in the vehicle settings of the application. With accurate data the forecast of fuel residue and the possible overrun will be fair.

A word of advice – if you refuel by yourself – try to complete the filling with:

  • The first click
  • The very very top, when fuel is about to overflow.

The difference seems to be small – 200-300 ml, but we’re for accurate calculations, right?

Large volume is good – you can go far, but expensive. In some cases instead to refuel to complete, it is easier to 100 dollars / 10 liters / bonuses on balance, etc. But if you want to know the consumption – then you have to remember about the “checkpoints “, although they are more than approximate estimation.