How to Export Data To a File, And Look Where They Are

The ability to export / import to a file which is available for manual editing is useful for periodic backups, migration to/with other programs and mass changes. Data can be printed out and give to the new car owner when reselling finally. Now more about this.

How to export.

Open sidebar (main menu)

Основное меню

Основное меню

One of the last points – settings. Open them.

Основной экран настроек

Основной экран настроек

The item you want is hardly to be overseen – export settings. Open.

Окно экспорта

Окно экспорта

We would like to edit all – leave the window as it is (no changes), we want to export only one vehicle – remove the tick “Export All” and continue.

Click on the round button at the bottom of the application to export … this closes the export window. A popup information about the result of the operation will show up – the full name of the freshly created file to the folder where it was saved will be displayed.

После экспорта

We do not want to go into the theory of  the Android architecture, but of three parts of a brief reminder shall be given to the user at the device:

  • program memory – it can be accessed only from the root. Each program can only write in your folder, selected it during the installation. There are usually the settings stored.
  • device memory – the remaining space on the device, which is given in the user’s access, this is where by default Android stores your multimedia data and applications, and it is this memory the manufacturers specify the size of like – 16/32/64 Gb (You can really ‘forget’ this. That part belongs to the system and for the first item (‘program memory’) and is not accessable to the normal user)
  • SD-card – explanation probably is not required.

The application is installed on the internal memory and keeps your data out there, though. ??Annex containing the widgets to move to SD card can not be – so there was no problem when it is withdrawn.??

Most android devices call internal memory ‘sdcard’ and the external memory ‘external sdcard’ as you can see in the screenshot above, but written in a way that can be confusing.

To cope with this distraction we make clear where and why to search the export file:

  • For Fuel Manager – Fuel Manager folder in the internal memory
  • For Car Expenses – Car Expenses folder in the internal memory

Please norte also, the program performs an Autoexport. Every time you exit, the application’s autosave file is updated – which has the name *** _ autobackup.csv.


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