How to transfer data to a new smartphone

There are several methods of data transfer, simple or complex. Let them all and consider.

Method №1 (easiest if you have access to the old device)

  1. On older devices do manual data export (Export-Settings-All).
  2. Find the export file and transfer it to your new device – “Car Expenses” ( “Fuel Manager”) folder.
  3. The new device data import (File-Settings-Choice Import -…- All).
  4. Restart the application and the program on the new device is ready for operation.

Method №1a (for lazy)

  1. On the old device, find the “Write a developer” in the settings or menu, select it – a draft will be created with the attached file of the last auto-backup.
  2. Change the addressee and send the file to the developer with a description of the problem, and self-self on the second device.
  3. On the second device, the file is received, moved to the Carexpenses folder (Fuelmanager) in the device’s memory – it can not be found on the memory card or in another folder.
  4. On the new device, import the data (“Settings” – “Synchronization, import, export” – “Import from CSV” -Choose file -…- All).
  5. Restart the application and the program on the new device will be ready for use.

Method №2 (if there is a Pro account and synchronization has been enabled)

  1. The new device, connect the application to the same account as on the old one.
  2. Manually download the data from the cloud (the button on the Sync Setup screen).
  3. If necessary, continue to sync, turn it on.
  4. Restart the application and the program on the new device is ready for use.

Method №3 (if you have access to the phone’s memory, on which the application was initially installed)

  1. Check “Car Expenses” ( “Fuel Manager”) folder.
  2. If a folder exists – there and then make a copy of it on your PC (to avoid, so to speak).
  3. Find a file with the extension * .csv with the largest size (most likely it has more data) and try to use the first method.

Method №4 (in the presence of root, straight hand and copies of the application to the CWM / Titanium Backup, ordinary copies of the DB)

  1. The main data file – a database (ce_db, fm_db).
  2. This database is stored in the internal (closed to non-root user rights) of memory in the data directory of all applications.
  3. Install the latest version of the app again (if it was not).
  4. Put it in the application folder (data / data / kb2.soft.carexpenses / databases or data / data / kb2.soft.fuelmanager / databases), overwriting the existing.
  5. Try to start the application – it itself detects database. It tries to update it to the latest version and use.

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