Record Types

Entries are different. And our algorithm knows almost ten variations. Below is the full list.

  1. Way point
    Mileage + Date
    It is recommended to update the forecast residue and overrun of fuel in the tank.
  2. Refuel
    Date + Fuel (Volume and price)
  3. reserved
  4. Refuel
    Mileage + Date + Fuel (Volume and price)
  5. reserved
  6. Checkpoint
    Mileage + Date
  7. Record specifying the exact residue in the tank (the general case of checkpoint)
    Mileage + Date + Residue ( + addionally (Volume of refuel AFTER – (Volume and price)
  8. Checkpoint with followed refueling
    Mileage + Date + Fuel (Volume and price)
  9. reserved
  10. Full tank refuel
    Mileage + Date + Fuel (Volume and price)
  11. reserved
  12. Checkpoint with followed full tank refuel
    Mileage + Date + Fuel (Volume and price)

Numbering of record types corresponds to the field “mark” in files Import / Export. Missed numbers marked as “reserved” are intended for future expansion of possible record types.