For what period considered consumption

Each repeated “final record” (full tank, volume rest or checkpoint) closed the previous period. All fuel between last and the previous finals record is summed, take into account the difference in the level in the tank and passed mileage and calculated consumption. This consumption is indicated for all records involved in the calculated period. For most users, this is understandable and familiar.

But, as noted by some users, they want to see consumption in the list of records to be displayed for the previous period. This can be explained by the fact that filled the last record of the final volume and in the preceding period have not yet been spent and are located in the tank. And in fact, if the tanks periodically changing the type of fuel, this is a significant point. After all, if you follow the usual reception display consumption – not costed for those records can be misleading.

Because the program have setting “indicate the consumption in the right place.” Prior to its incorporation, it is displayed in the old – calculated for the period, after – for the previous.

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