Common quick FAQ

This post will be published the most basic questions that often I get on mail and the answers to them. The list will be updated.

Prediction fuel is very different from the expected

For prediction of residue in the tank is used not only data records of fuel, but also because of the expenses records. Check the all records (including alsofuel category for display ) historic match the date and mileage. Due to a bug introduced mileage prediction of the residue and possible run-out may highly surprise you .

How to transfer data from Drivernotes (aCar / CarLog / FuelLog)

Here all difficult. Such a story:

  1. Some ago I added the ability to import their file csv.
  2. After a week or two, they have removed the function of import from public access (I had to contact the support service for their exports.
  3. In a few weeks, after the tip a few people how to get the export file received complaints that the file is not imported – they just changed the format slightly.
  4. I realized that support for third-party sources is impractical, and disabled all but their programs.

Its import / export I do not close and do not plan more documented, so I can only offer the following variant:

  1. Exports from my program.
  2. Manual completion of your data file.
  3. Import back.

Sometimes, if you have time, I do not refuse to help with step 2, but only in reconverting the fueling data. Waste / notes / reminders sometimes have a complicated format understood only developer.

Do you plan to create an application for iOS

Not yet. Because:

  1. Different audience (iOS attracts simplicity and “ease”, much less its users so meticulous in accounting for spending on cars and calculation of its consumption).
  2. No experience iOS development.
  3. High barriers to entry (the actual iOS device and MAC), just in the emulator something “to code” and try – will not work.
  4. Even for debugging on your device – you need Apple deduction – to me it “abhorrent”. (This is how to install a child seat in the car trunk or on the roof – if you please pay an annual subscription fee).

To be continued…

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