Set Up Sync on Your Device

Everything is very simple. Let’s watch this.

Open the application settings (gesture from the left edge of the screen – on the vertical main menu – click the desired “Settings”).


Окно настроек

Under “Data Backup” select the item “Sync with Dropbox”.



До привязки аккаунта Dropbox

Click on “Connect to Dropbox”. Depending on whether you have installed the application Dropbox on your device, a dialogue page in the browser will open to request access to the application folder in Dropbox.


Запрос доступа Dropbox

Naturally, it is necessary to continue, thus agree to the request – no further options here 🙂

Now a page opens with the configuration of the synchronization.


Настройки синхронизации с Dropbox

The settings screen ncludes the following elements:

  • a date area where the  recent changes on the device and in the cloud (the status is updated immediately when you open the page) are displayed.
  • auto sync checkbox – every time you launch the application, it connects to the cloud and synchronizes the data on the device. If the cloud version is newer tahn the version on the device, it overwrites the device data.
  • checkbox for a dialogue to enable confirmation of overwriting data on the device with the Auto Sync – it is better not to disable this.
  • AutoSave the data in the cloud every time you exit the application. In the absence of the network, the files are sent to the cloud at the first opportunity (as soon as a connection will be possible).

On the same screen you are able to start a number of actions that are used usually by AutoSync:

  • import data from Dropbox – irreversible action confirmation
  • export your data to the cloud – export data into the internal memory with further transfer to the cloud – the previous version in the cloud will be available only through the history of changes.
  • import data from internal memory – besides saving to the cloud, the program creates a copy of the data in the internal memory of the device (always for each output) – this copy is then compared to the version in the cloud
  • export the data to internal memory – Manual backup of data


When you turn on Auto Sync communication with the cloud will be established. Synchronization of the data requires some time, depending on the quality of the internet connection and data volume. My Account for one car for three years (250 entries) weighs about 100 Kb and is downloaded to the device in 1-3 seconds. If there is an newer version in the cloud-enabled you will see the following dialogue to confirm the settings :



Диалог подтверждения импорта данных