Data Synchronization (between devices)

Synchronization covers the following tasks:

  • Saving and restoring the data to and from the cloud.
  • When multiple devices are connected – always the presence of a new version on each of them will be restored
  • (Dropbox) ability to roll back to previous versions of data

For the first task, the application will use the Dropbox API This, of course, requires a Dropbox account. Create it for free and it is not difficult, just follow the instructions on their website. Initially, Dropbox offers several gigabytes space, which can be increased by inviting friends, or by following a few loyalty programs.

The ability to sync is only available for users of the PRO version of the application.

Synchronization is a list of features that will be available after unlocking the application.

How to connect your account and customize the application – has already been described in detail. The order in which synchronization occurs can be found here.