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How to take fuel bonuses into account

Many car owners use different loyalty programs from gas stations, and certainly everyone knows about the existence of such. Networks of gas stations are trying to attract regular buyers of fuel to give cumulative discounts, free liters or bonuses. There are a lot of programs, like their users. There is a logical question: How can you calculate the benefits of…

Trip cost

In any statistics relating to the vehicle, the fuel consumption is always mentioned as the main indicator of its profitability. If you agree with it, it will be recognized that the trip cost – the second main component, which can characterize maintenance the car, as it is expensive.

Popup event reminders

Popup notification of events – notifications that are shown to you when you log in to the application. When and for how long before the event you show them depends on the settings you have chosen for notifications. The notification will be displayed until you mark it read (by clicking OK when it is displayed). If you click “Details”, a…

Simple and compound expenses

Record of expense (briefly – expense) – allows you to record in the program all the actions taken with the car. Washing, tire fitting, buying summer tires, paying for parking are all expenses that can be simple and compound (for example, maintenance), so in Car Expenses you can enter such entries in different ways.