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Answers to frequently asked questions (our FAQs).

How to set up screens with cards

Nobody knows better than the user himself what information he wants to see about his car. As a developer I prefer not to guess the user’s wishes, but give him the ability to customize the look of the key pages of the application. And it’s easier than it seems at the first glance.

How to take fuel bonuses into account

Many car owners use different loyalty programs from gas stations, and certainly everyone knows about the existence of such. Networks of gas stations are trying to attract regular buyers of fuel to give cumulative discounts, free liters or bonuses. There are a lot of programs, like their users. There is a logical question: How can you calculate the benefits of…

How to keep a record mileage of parts (tires)

Some parts, such as tires, require periodic installation and removal from the vehicle. Thus, their mileage is intermittent and is different than the odometer reading. How to calculate it? You can choose by looking at the history of tire. Boring! Or you can just go into the details of parts (tires) and look already counted mileage. But you need to to…

How to attach parts to expense

Add spare parts in expenses – not necessarily. But if you add – this additional information will help you in the future (remember the model of the oil filter or spark, check the brake fluid as needed for replacement). Of course, you can make all the specific information text as a comment, but lose in handy.

Note the current mileage

The program has a remaining fuel prediction unit available. More information (mileage / fuel consumption / day coasting) and accurate results. And if consumption statistics or coasting gradually replenished, the actual (current) mileage the program learns from the records. The fuel records have even a single record type called “Waypoint” which contains the date and mileage (+ comment) only. And…

Trip cost

In any statistics relating to the vehicle, the fuel consumption is always mentioned as the main indicator of its profitability. If you agree with it, it will be recognized that the trip cost – the second main component, which can characterize maintenance the car, as it is expensive.

Mileage Coefficient

Mileage coefficient for accounting errors speedometer / odometer in the calculated statistics. Changing to other tires of excellent regular size may affect both the larger and the smaller side (usually not more than 10%). Not considered this by you – it’s forgivable. Not taken this into account by the program – it’s a crime 🙂

For what period considered consumption

Each repeated “final record” (full tank, volume rest or checkpoint) closed the previous period. All fuel between last and the previous finals record is summed, take into account the difference in the level in the tank and passed mileage and calculated consumption. This consumption is indicated for all records involved in the calculated period. For most users, this is understandable and familiar. But,…

A Note About Remaining Fuel

The program has the ability to calcculate the exact residue in the tank. It is added as a normal post, just tick the ‘know the exact balance of the tank’ and enter a known volume in the separate value field. If you wish, you can specify the amount of the following refueling. Roughly speaking: ‘full tank’ – a special case of this record –…

Autosave Data

The program supports the import and export to an external file. Export to a file will help with the transfer of backup data. A situation can occur when the application data is accidentally deleted and later on exported. For this case, the program has an automatic auto-save data on every exit. The file is writable and does not take up…

The Principle and Procedure of Synchronization

The order of synchronization: 1. At start up the application (if Auto Sync is enabled) connects to the cloud and downloads files to the device. 2. Verification of data from the local copy. 3. If the cloud data are newer the application  overwrites (if confirmation enabled – ask first) the local copy with the cloud data. 4. The local copies are removed from…

Application Settings

On the one hand the excessive number of program settings may confuse both the user and the developer. On the other hand – the lack of flexibility accuses the developer for megalomania or unjustifiable laziness. Our customization – a compromise of the two extremes 😉

Vehicle Settings

Specifying your vehicle and its related features is absolutely necessary. Without specifying the correct volume of the fuel tank for instance the calculations can not be more than half precise. On the setup screen, you can get to the vehicle data in several ways: When you start the application for the first time , you will enter most of the data.…

First Launch

When you first start the program you will see an offer hard to refuse – add the main transport (car, motorcycle, moped). Only four screens, and they can be moved back and forth with a scrolling gesture. At first glance, questions will arise, but it will not prevent a couple of clarifications: People who re-installed the program and have the data backed up –…