Category: Features

How to set up screens with cards

Nobody knows better than the user himself what information he wants to see about his car. As a developer I prefer not to guess the user’s wishes, but give him the ability to customize the look of the key pages of the application. And it’s easier than it seems at the first glance.

Configuring the Side Menu

Simple user control, to quickly add notes or take a look at quickly needed statistics are essential for an app. Not always the developer can guess what will be convenient for a particular user, and much less often, there is the opportunity for the user to customize everything for himself. This is not the case with us 🙂

Popup event reminders

Popup notification of events – notifications that are shown to you when you log in to the application. When and for how long before the event you show them depends on the settings you have chosen for notifications. The notification will be displayed until you mark it read (by clicking OK when it is displayed). If you click “Details”, a…

Mileage Coefficient

Mileage coefficient for accounting errors speedometer / odometer in the calculated statistics. Changing to other tires of excellent regular size may affect both the larger and the smaller side (usually not more than 10%). Not considered this by you – it’s forgivable. Not taken this into account by the program – it’s a crime 🙂