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How to keep a record mileage of parts (tires)

Some parts, such as tires, require periodic installation and removal from the vehicle. Thus, their mileage is intermittent and is different than the odometer reading. How to calculate it? You can choose by looking at the history of tire. Boring! Or you can just go into the details of parts (tires) and look already counted mileage. But you need to to…

How to attach parts to expense

Add spare parts in expenses – not necessarily. But if you add – this additional information will help you in the future (remember the model of the oil filter or spark, check the brake fluid as needed for replacement). Of course, you can make all the specific information text as a comment, but lose in handy.

Simple and compound expenses

Record of expense (briefly – expense) – allows you to record in the program all the actions taken with the car. Washing, tire fitting, buying summer tires, paying for parking are all expenses that can be simple and compound (for example, maintenance), so in Car Expenses you can enter such entries in different ways.