Category: Vehicle settings

Mileage Coefficient

Mileage coefficient for accounting errors speedometer / odometer in the calculated statistics. Changing to other tires of excellent regular size may affect both the larger and the smaller side (usually not more than 10%). Not considered this by you – it’s forgivable. Not taken this into account by the program – it’s a crime 🙂

Vehicle Settings

Specifying your vehicle and its related features is absolutely necessary. Without specifying the correct volume of the fuel tank for instance the calculations can not be more than half precise. On the setup screen, you can get to the vehicle data in several ways: When you start the application for the first time , you will enter most of the data.…

First Launch

When you first start the program you will see an offer hard to refuse – add the main transport (car, motorcycle, moped). Only four screens, and they can be moved back and forth with a scrolling gesture. [tribulant_slideshow gallery_id=”1″]At first glance, questions will arise, but it will not prevent a couple of clarifications: People who re-installed the program and have the data backed…