Trip cost

In any statistics relating to the vehicle, the fuel consumption is always mentioned as the main indicator of its profitability. If you agree with it, it will be recognized that the trip cost – the second main component, which can characterize maintenance the car, as it is expensive.

In simple fuel applications (Fuel Calculator, Fuel Manager) path cost shows how much you need to spend money on fuel per unit distance. This is obvious, and in some measure true – a large share of the cost of the way up spending on fuel.

But we should take into account all expenses – for the maintenance, service, repair. And expensive or old cars, especially expensive and old at the same time, the maintenance of cars becoming more expensive than fuel. Applications that take into account all aspects of spending on cars (Car Expenses) may show a fair picture of the costs and calculate the way cost more accurately.

As a rule, big spending immediately affect the average monthly cost of way and show the real share of the spending on the cars.

Some expenses should not affect the value of way here and now, they must relate to the entire period of ownership of car (installation of additional equipment) or for a specified period – year (MTPL, CASCO). This calculation is more complicated, but more honest, and he also realized Car Expenses – details here.

What are the cost of way and how to see them:

  1. The path cost (fuel) – Fuel card statistics and graphs
  2. The path cost (actual expenses) – card Expenses-Overall Statistic
  3. The path cost (distributed expenses) – card Maintenance-Overall Statistic

Naturally, Fuel Manager Fuel Calculator and only the first cost is available (they do not know anything about the other expenses).

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